WordPress Influencer Project

Interviews with the top voices in the WordPress community discussing how to build your profile in the WordPress community, use your influence to run more successful businesses, and give back as a productive member of the community.

Why Study WordPress Influencers?

WordPress is a unique community. Although WordPress itself powers over 25% of all websites, the WordPress community itself can seem small and close-knit. And there are voices in that community that you here over and over again, that push WordPress and its community members to become better. We want to answer a few questions:

Do influencers intentionally set out to become influencers?
How do they become influencers?
How does being a WordPress influencer help their careers and their businesses?
How can someone who is just starting out become an influencer in a way that gives back to the community and isn’t nauseatingly self-promotional?

Who We Hope to Speak With

Brian Krogsgard
Kim Doyal
Tom McFarlin
Chris Lema
Carl Hancock
Shawn Hesketh
Jason Resnick
Troy Dean
Devesh Sharma
Mel Choice
Ryan Sullivan
Vova Feldman
Syed Balkhi
Tom Ewer
Rebecca Gill
Josh Pollock
Joost de Valk
Matt Medeiros
Joe Casabona
And more!

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