Custom Website Builder Platforms for Enterprise

Perfect for Businesses Looking to:

Create Multiple Templated Sites

Easily build 10’s or 100’s of sites from the same template and access all templates from an integrated cloud library. 

Build Mini-sites Showcasing Employees

Give each member of your team their own dedicated mini-site. Perfect for sales teams!

Offer Websites As a Value Add 

Provide even more value to your customers with a powerful website-building platform.

Provide A Better Builder to Customers You Host

Already providing hosting solutions to your customers? Provide them with a powerful builder to create their sites.

Let Offsprout figure out the perfect custom platform for your unique business needs.

Custom Module Types

Offsprout can build custom module types for your business to showcase your data in the best way possible. You can even connect custom module types to APIs to pull in data from other sources.

Custom Template Cloud

Offsprout can do the design work for you, building your business a custom template cloud so you have all of the elements you need to build powerful sites.

Custom User Interface

Want to minimize the learning curve and eliminate the need for training? Let us build custom user roles that simplify the interface for your users, empowering them to edit their site without the worry that they’ll screw something up.

Custom Site Creation

Need a quicker way to spin up new sites? Offsprout will create a custom platform, built to your specifications, allowing you to create new sites faster than you could have ever imagined.

Let’s Build Your Custom Platform

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About Offsprout

Offsprout was founded by two former college freshman roommates. Drawing from their experience building their web design business, JurisPage, which was acquired in 2016, Offsprout is singularly focused on being the best white label website building tool for web design businesses.

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