Offsprout Centralized Color Schemes

Connect any element on your page to a centralized color scheme and then change colors throughout your entire site by simply modifying your central colors.

Let’s say you have a client who hasn’t finalized their branding and colors but still wants you to start working because they need to launch their site by a certain date.

That means you could end up building the entire site, and then have to go in and change all of the colors after the fact.

In your head, you’re probably going through the best ways to go about this, and ultimately, if you’re not using Offsprout, CSS is probably your best option.

But if you’re using a different page builder, that can be a really clunky solution whereby you need to add classes to certain elements and then write really specific CSS to target exactly what you want.

With Offsprout, color is easy!

Offsprout leverages a centralized color scheme which you can set in Site Settings.

It gives you 4 main color options, primary, action, accent, and alternate accent.

You can use these however you want, but a typical way is to use the primary color as the main color in your color scheme, the action color for call-to-action buttons and areas, and then the two accent colors to add flair as needed.

Offsprout also will automatically generate light and dark shades of each of these 4 colors. And you can modify the degree to which these shades differ from the main by editing the Shade Percentage option.

You can also set positive and negative colors that can be used in your design for things like feature lists, like you see here in the icons.

Once your color scheme is set, you’ll see all of those colors, and a few more built-in colors, as options in the color dropdowns.

Just choose a color from your color scheme in the dropdown and that element will then be connected to your color scheme.

Then any time your color scheme is changed, that color will be updated throughout your entire site. No more having to edit CSS, or go in page by page, element by element to change colors.

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