The Best WordPress Theme Builder for Your Business 

Now it’s easier than ever to build stunning WordPress websites. Offsprout’s visual drag and drop theme builder interface removes the need for coding, allowing you to focus on your design.

Visually Design Your Website

Offsprout’s WordPress Theme Builder empowers you to create layouts for your 404 pages, headers and footers, blog posts and much more. Without a single line of code required.

404 Pages

Build a better 404 page that helps your visitors get where they need to go

Headers & Footers

Customize the header and footer areas of your site.


Develop sidebars to help your visitors navigate easily.

Blog Posts

Create templates that determine the layout of your site’s blog posts

Archive Page

Make it easy for your clients to find out who you are with a custom contact page theme.

Search Pages

Design a search page that deliver a better search experience for your visitor.

Templates for All Aspects of Your Site

Choose from a range of templates that cover everything from blog post homepage designs to headers & footers.

Offsprout's WordPress Theme Builder Templates

Build Once. Reuse Everywhere.

While you can still design static pages in Offsprout, the Theme Builder allows you to easily create dynamic templates. Create the layout for your content and then apply your underlying site data.

Offsprout Data Connector Fields

Trusted by Freelancers and Agencies

Offsprout brings Wix-style editing to WordPress.


Rating: 5/5

Micah Wood

Offsprout is just plain awesome. Clean, easy, nice.


Rating: 5/5

Jessica Donakowski
Web Designer

Offsprout is insanely quick and responsive. 


Rating: 5/5

Offsprout recommendation

Ruben Kalath

Automated Site Development

Streamline your website design with the Offsprout Site Grower. Simply input your client’s information, build your pages with pre-made templates and watch your data automatically populate within the connected fields. 

Even More Power (Standard)

35+ Dynamic Design Modules

Choose from over 35 dynamic design elements to build and display your content.

Centralized Design Engine

Build websites even faster with centralized color schemes, fonts, buttons and more.

White Label Website Builder

Create websites under your own branding. Even the help files come unbranded.

Sticky Headers

Create headers that keep your site navigation and main CTA always top of mind.

100% Responsive Design

Every module and template from Offsprout comes optimize for tablet, desktop and mobile.

Header, Footers & More!

Create headers, footers, and other theme templates.


Is there a free trial of Offsprout Theme?

Yes! Since Offsprout Theme is included in Offsprout. You can trial it for 14-days when you begin your free trial of Offsprout. 

Do I need to buy Offsprout Theme separately?

No, you do not need to purchase Offsprout Theme separately. The Theme Builder is incuded with your purchase of Offsprout. 

Do I need Offsprout’s page builder with Offsprout Theme?

Yes. This is why it is important to install both versions of Offsprout when you make your purchase.

Do all versions (3 site license, 5 site license and unlimited site licenses) include Offsprout Theme.

All versions of Offsprout include Offsprout Theme. It does not depend on the number of site licenses. 

Build Better Websites Faster with Offsprout

Spend less time building beautiful websites with
Offsprout’s Theme Builder.

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Offsprout was founded by two former college freshman roommates. Drawing from their experience building their web design business, JurisPage, which was acquired in 2016, Offsprout is singularly focused on being the best white label website building tool for web design businesses.

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