Offsprout: The Best IM Creator Alternative

There’s a better way to build websites if you’re an agency or freelancer.

Offsprout is a page builder made by web designers for web designers. We focused on simplifying the website design experience without limiting your creativity. Keep reading to learn why more agencies and freelancers are switching to Offsprout (and why you should too)… 

Build Complete Websites in Just Minutes

Optimize the time consuming parts of building websites with the Offsprout Site Grower. This intuitive step-by-step site builder comes standard with all plans, not locked away in some costly plan. Helping you build pages faster so you can spend more time fine-tuning your design and helping more clients.

Design With A Workflow That Works for You

Unlike other page builders, we make it easy to perform a variety of essential tasks right from the page builder. Navigate to other pages, create new pages, apply sitewide elements, edit permissions and much more. 

Get Support From World-Class Customer Service

As former web designers, we know how important it is to have things work. From your web hosting services to your page builder. Which is why we view customer service as more than just replying to emails. You can lean on us for product support of course, but we’re also happy to answer questions about running your web design business!

Control Everything From A Centralized Design Engine

Why repeat work you’ve already done? With Offsprout, you can save website templates and share them across all of your sites. And with the centralized design engine make one change and watch it ripple throughout your website. Gone are the days of going page by page to make a simple button color change.

Offsprout brings Wix-style editing to WordPress.


Rating: 5/5

Micah Wood

Offsprout is just plain awesome. Clean, easy, nice.


Rating: 5/5

Jessica Donakowski
Web Designer

Offsprout is insanely quick and responsive. 


Rating: 5/5

Offsprout recommendation

Ruben Kalath

Create Themes for Your Blogs, 404 Pages, Sidebars and More

Don’t pay extra for what should be standard. Offsprout’s Theme Builder comes standard with all plans. Choose from a range of pre-made themes or build your own. Build it once, reuse it everwhere. All without a single line of code required. 

Set User Permissions Without Restrictions

When it’s time to hand over the website, you don’t want the client making any costly mistakes by accident. That’s why we empower you to set user permissions per user as well as assign permissions based on modules and builder actions.

Use Your Own Branding (It’s Your Business After All)

We don’t want to get between you and your clients. That’s why we offer a fully unbranded solution (from the interface to the help files). Add your logo to the client facing interface of Offsprout so your brand is the only one they see.

Take advantage of crazy fast page load speed with built-in lazy loading

Pages with lots of videos and images are as slow as molasses without our built-in lazy loading. With Offsprout, you can optionally lazy load images and videos, so you can load what you need above the fold, and lazy-load everything else!

Ready to Try Offsprout?

Offsprout is the user-friendly alternative to Duda, Beaver BuilderElementor, Visual Composer, Divi Builder, Simvoly, SiteOrigin, Ucraft and WP Bakery.

You’ve read how Offsprout compares to IM Creator. Now there’s only one thing left to do. 

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