Offsprout 2.13 Feature Update

June 3rd


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Offsprout 2.13 Release

Hey everyone!

Sam from Offsprout here again.

I’ve got some new exciting things to share that just came out for Offsprout.

We just pushed an update to Offsprout, version 2.13, that has a ton of new features and updates.

These updates have been in the works for some time now. We’ve heard a lot of great feedback from users, and some of these features we know you will be excited about.

While you can view all of that at our changelog, I wanted to spend a minute or two showing you around.

So, without further ado:

Add another dimension to your website with Layers.

We want you to be able to customize your websites even more. That’s why we created the new Layers feature.

Offsprout Layers lets you customize your page layouts even further, giving you the ability to choose the order, group, and place your content wherever on your pages you want to.

Offsprout Layers

The options are limitless.

With Offsprout Layers, your website designs are only limited by your imagination.

Add free stock illustrations to customize your websites.

Offsprout now integrates with Undraw, a free stock illustrations website, complete with hundreds of vector images.

Offsprout SVG stock illustration library integration with Undraw

You can add these vector images wherever you want on your pages.

Just click the image sprout, select the vector library, and choose the right images for your need.

This library adds tons of vector illustrations to work with that are scalable, with custom color options so you can make these images work with your sites.

Make your websites pop with sitewide gradients.

Sitewide gradient in Offsprout white label website builder

Being able to set site-wide color schemes is an excellent feature. But what if you want to give some of your sitewide elements a beautiful gradient?

Now, you can!

Instead of just being able to set a primary color, you can set a primary gradient, and apply that gradient to your site’s different elements.  The gradients can be used on standard backgrounds as well as button backgrounds.

Easily set user permissions.

The new Quick Builder Roles feature lets you quickly designate user permissions.

Offsprout 2.13 New Easy Builder Roles for Blogger and Designer Users

With the “Blogger” and “Designer” roles, you can ensure that your users will not be able to make any edits to parts of the site that you don’t want them to access.

Want to try out these new updates?

Well, if you’re already an Offsprout customer, just head over to your WordPress dashboard to download the update. Then you’ll be right up to speed and ready to use these new features.

Or, if you’re not yet an Offsprout customer (no judgment), you can start your free 14-day license of Offsprout today.

Until next time. Happy designing!


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