What is Offsprout

A WordPress Solution

Offsprout is a WordPress solution.

What does that mean?

First, let’s briefly define WordPress.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a Content Management System that helps you build websites that you can host yourself. There are several managed WordPress hosting companies like WP Engine and Flywheel that make the hosting part of WordPress a breeze.

The benefit of being able to host the website yourself on something like WordPress is that you have tons of flexibility about how you can extend WordPress.

WordPress can be extended in 2 main ways: plugins, and themes.

WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins are collections of files that extend the functionality of WordPress. The Offsprout Page Builder is free WordPress plugin that can be installed on any WordPress site. So is Offsprout Pro.

WordPress Themes

WordPress themes are collections files that change the design of your site. Most commonly, they control the design of the header, footer, sidebar, and any other parts of your site that appear on multiple pages of the site. The Offsprout Theme is a WordPress theme that can be installed on any WordPress site.


So Offsprout is made up of 3 things:

  • The free Offsprout Page Builder WordPress plugin. This is the basis upon which all other Offsprout products are built and is required to use Offsprout Pro or the Offsprout Theme.
  • The premium Offsprout Pro WordPress plugin. This extends the functionality of the Offsprout Page Builder plugin, providing additional module types, user management, and more. The free Offsprout Page Builder plugin is required.
  • The premium Offsprout Theme WordPress theme. This extends Offsprout, allowing you to design your headers, footers, sidebars, and other site-wide content with the Offsprout editor. The free Offsprout Page Builder plugin is required.

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About Offsprout

Offsprout was founded by two former college freshman roommates. Drawing from their experience building their web design business, JurisPage, which was acquired in 2016, Offsprout is singularly focused on being the best white label website building tool for web design businesses.

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