Offsprout New Feature: Quick Builder Roles

July 1st


Offsprout is the only WordPress website builder for freelancers and agencies.

At Offsprout, we’re constantly listening to user feedback.

User feedback helps us continually evolve Offsprout, to provide more features and functionality, and ensure Offsprout is the best white-label website builder out there.

From the beginning, we’ve sought to make Offsprout the go-to website builder for web design agencies looking to create beautiful websites for their clients, in a fraction of the time.

And now with the new 1.4 release of Offsprout Pro plugin, there’s a particular user-requested feature we’d like to highlight: Quick Builder Roles.

Websites can take months and months for teams of web designers to build…

…And just seconds for clients to destroy them.

Have you ever built a beautiful website for a client, only to hand over the keys and see the client “tinker” around with a layout, only to end up ruining it?

If you’ve run a design agency long enough, the answer is a resounding yes.

The mere mention of this may trigger war flashbacks for some agency owners, as they’ve had to figure out how the client destroyed a page, or the entire site, and then try and fix it after the client, for some reason, blames the designer for the problem.

Well, now, you can easily keep clients and other users from editing particular aspects of websites built with Offsprout Pro.

With Offsprout, you have already had the ability to create and customize user roles to ensure that your users cannot edit or modify certain aspects of sites.

With the new release of Quick Builder Roles, you now get new pre-built user role presets to quickly select your users’ access level on their websites.

Offsprout 2.13 New Easy Builder Roles for Blogger and Designer Users

No need to go line by line choosing features for users to get access to. With Quick Builder Roles, we’ve done that work for you.

We’ve taken Offsprout user feedback to create these new Quick Builder Roles, tailoring these pre-built user roles to your typical users.

The new roles are “Blogger” and “Designer” that you can set for your Offsprout users to set their permissions so they only have access to specific platform features.

You can get Quick Builder Roles, and a bunch of other amazing new features, by updating Offsprout Pro.

If you haven’t tried it yet, Offsprout Pro is available for a 14-day free trial.

Offsprout Pro lets you quickly and easily design beautiful custom websites for your clients with its white-label website builder tools.

Try Offsprout Pro today.

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