10 Best Gym and Fitness Website Designs in 2019 (& How to Improve Yours)

February 6th


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Running a gym is not easy. It’s a very competitive environment.

Getting new members takes a lot of work. You need to market your gym to create awareness and interest. And once people come in the door, you need to be able to win customers over with your facilities and services.

So, how do you get people in the door?

One important marketing element is your gym website.

But, not all gym websites are created equal. The best website designs for gyms are in a league of their own and better serve their members and prospective members.

First, we will break down the pieces of what makes for the best website designs for gyms. Then, we will go review our favorite gym websites, which can offer you some inspiration.

When it comes to the best gym websites, there are certain must-have elements you will need.

What Makes a Great Gym Website

Gym and fitness websites are very unique.

A fitness website is not like any other type of business website. But, the best website designs for gyms in 2019 have certain elements that separate them from the rest of the pack. Here is our breakdown of must-haves:

Class Schedule

Class schedule on a gym website

If your gym offers classes, having an updated class schedule is a must. Having a schedule posted on-site at your gym is a given. And, many gyms also provide paper calendars members can take home. That may be fine for current members. But, today, having an online class schedule is necessary. Especially for new prospective members.

Partially this is because the online class schedule helps sell them on your gym. If they see you have many Zumba, yoga, or spin classes, that can encourage them to join. If they cannot see your class schedule before they come to your physical location, they may not even come visit.

And for current members, having an online class schedule is a great added benefit that helps you retain members. A lot of your current gym members will probably have your printed class schedules posted in their homes, so they can look up classes. But, for members on-the-go thinking about getting in a class today, they need to know what’s available.

Online Class Registration

Online registration for gym classes embedded on a gym website

Some classes can get very packed. For some members, it can be a scramble. People have to show up to the gym extra early to get a spot in a popular class. It can be a turn-off. This is especially the case for classes with limited space like spin. One way to have a better member experience is to allow for online registration ahead of time.

High Quality Images

Gym website homepage with high-quality image of a woman exercising

When you look at the best website designs for gyms, you will immediately notice that the best designs have incredibly striking imagery. The images generally feature toned athletes working out, offering inspiration for website visitors. The images are high-quality and high-contrast to show off the athletes’ bodies. These images take up a good portion of the homepage “hero area” at the top. They pop! Good-quality images are a must. Cheesy-looking stock images can be a turn-off to visitors and make your services seem “cheap”.

Though orchestrating your own photo shoots to get high-quality workout images can be expensive, there are plenty of stock image libraries (both paid and free) offering great images you can use.

Mobile Friendly Website

Mobile-responsive gym website homepage

Most websites visitors today are coming from mobile devices. And if you care at all about showing up in search engines (which you should), having a mobile-responsive site is essential. Online marketing is a core component of any modern gym’s overall marketing strategy.

Did you know? Search engines prioritize mobile sites over non-mobile ones.

Luckily, websites designed in the Offsprout page builder come fully-optimized for all mobile devices, including phones and tablets. So, while you should strive for a beautiful website on every kind of device, make sure you’ve got one that looks great on mobile first.

Location and Hours

Probably the most important thing, and the main reason people come to your website is for the location and hours. When can someone get a workout in? And where is your gym in case a prospective member is looking around for options.

Aside from the fact that having your location and hours is important for your members and prospective members, it is also important for search engines. Having your address listed on your website lets Google and Google Maps know where you are. This way, if someone searches from their phone or computer for a gym in their physical area, Google can make your website show up in its map results. Without a location on your website, showing up in Google Maps is a challenge.

It’s not just the best website designs for gyms that mention location and hours – every gym website needs to.

Trainer Info

biography page for a personal trainer on a gym website

One thing that separates your gym from the others out there is your staff. Members want to work with specific personal trainers and instructors they like and trust. Having bios for your trainers and instructors posted on your website helps add personality, setting your gym apart, and markets you better to prospective new members.

Several of the our top picks for best website designs for gyms,  like Fhitting Room, Tetra Fitness, and Sweat Garage, feature great-looking trainer bios.


Blog on gym website design

Another way to separate your gym from the rest of the pack is with a blog. A blog makes your website more than a static gym website. With a blog, you can make your gym website one of the best fitness websites out there.

Sharing workout, fitness, and wellness tips helps you stay engaged with your members. A blog makes your gym more of a brand than merely a place for people to lift weights.


Online shop for a gym website

Do you let members buy classes, personal training, or class-packs?

Or, does your gym have a retail component? Do you offer branded merchandise?

If so, letting members sign up and pay online is important. As you’ll see in our top 10 list below, the best fitness websites have an ecommerce component.

Online purchasing is an expectation with customers these days.

Having the ability to buy online reduces friction, making it easier for people to pay for your products and services. Someone might want to buy personal training sessions or a membership for themselves or a loved one, and not want to have to come into a gym to do it.

Make the transaction effortless.

Now, with all of these website features in mind, let’s dive into our list of the 10 best website designs for gyms.

The 10 Best Website Designs for Gyms and Fitness (2019 Edition)

Okay, here we go!

Tetra Fitness

What I love about this website: This website has all the information I need. Its website is really an online portal that engages with its members and potential members and lets you easily sign up.

Class schedule on a gym website

Let’s start with the class schedule. Their setup for this is awesome. Their schedule gives a weekly breakdown of all the classes and trainers available.

You can even filter by class type, trainer, and time-of-day for classes. This makes their calendar a very useful tool for members to use.

They also feature an ecommerce component, letting you buy class packs online.

Aside from these features, the website also looks great. It has a simple green and black color scheme and looks like it was built with mobile as a first consideration.

Fitness instructor bios on gym website

This gym is all about classes. And as you know, what makes or breaks a class is the instructor. This website prominently features instructor bios and does a great job with them. The images and info are all great.

Fhitting Room

What I love about this website: As soon as you come to this site, you are drawn to it. This website features a video in its hero section at the top. The video is well-produced, showing off this gym’s classes and workouts.

Fhitting Room is a boutique High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) gym in New York City, and its website does a great job of engaging with visitors.

The site has a brighter color scheme and design than some of the other sites in this best website designs for gyms list though. The color palette is great. The green accent color pops against the white and gray background.

The site elements also stand out, as sections of the homepage enter and exit as you scroll down. These flourishes are nice touches that do well to set apart the unique Fhitting Room brand.

Aside from the visuals, the site also features extensive trainer bios, which is necessary for a gym that focuses on classes.

Trainer page on Fhitting Room website - 10 Best Website Designs for Gyms

I want to highlight especially this section because the Fhitting Room website not only has bios for its trainers, but each trainer page features a schedule of the trainer’s classes, and the trainer’s workout playlist.

This feature really shows that Fhitting Room’s trainers are what makes Fhitting Room unique. For instructor bios, this site is the best fitness website we’ve come across.

TheGem (theme)

What I love about this website: This website looks great and has everything you’d want. From the images to the icons to the color scheme, this website has a harmonious balance.

The images here even match the color scheme well. It looks very complete and thought through. The site also has the elements any visitor would want: a schedule, instructors, programs, and a store.

This particular site is a WordPress theme that anyone can use and make their own amazing gym website. It is very robust, with a layout designed specifically for gyms.

If you work with a layout like this, part of the challenge is going to be coming up with the content needed to fill the space.

One piece of advice – if you use a theme like this, please be sure to take advantage of the full layout.

Sometimes with themes, users will discard sections if they don’t have enough information to fill it and this can end up with the site looking a bit empty.

If you want to make one of the best fitness websites with this theme, use your space well.

Athlete (theme)

What I love about this website: This site really pops visually. It has great graphics and elements that stand out.

As you scroll down the homepage, components of the site enter from off-screen and animate. It’s hard to take your eyes off of this site, it is extremely engaging.

The site has a parallax design that is particularly striking visually.

This site is a WordPress theme with many different options for page types. It also features ecommerce options, a calendar, and blog.

Blog on gym website design

One other piece with this WordPress theme that stands out is the blog section. This deserves special attention because it looks so great. If having a great-looking blog is on your list for your gym’s website, this theme is worth a look.

Sweat Garage

What I love about this website: This site shows off a very unique gym identity that separates it out from other gyms out there. This gym focuses on HIIT classes. For a gym like this, the biggest selling point is its instructors. So, this fitness website prominently features a trainer section with good-quality instructor photos and bios.

Trainer bio on the sweat garage website
Online registration for gym classes embedded on a gym website

Aside from looking good, the site is also very functional for its members. There is a class schedule and registration section. This section lets you search for classes by time-of-day and instructor. And, you can reserve a spot at a class.

Y7 Studio

What I love about this website: This site does an awesome job with its ecommerce retail. Not only can you buy class packs from the site, you can also get Y7-branded clothing and CBD products.

Of all the best website designs for gyms in this list, Y7 stands out for its retail and ecommerce.

Through the website, this yoga brand offers more than classes. Y7 presents itself as a lifestyle brand for its members. 

The website has a beautiful minimalist style. Its pages are simple in black, white, and gray.

Social media instagram account embedded on a gym website design

One other piece to highlight is its social component. Y7 is clearly on top of social media. At the bottom of the homepage, a selection of Instagram pictures are embedded. This also helps differentiate this yoga brand and encourage visitors to engage with Y7 on social media.

Mile High Run Club

What I love about this website: Social media. This website works hard to engage with members where they are most – social media sites. The homepage for Mile High Run Club, a treadmill studio in New York City, features prominent real estate for its Instagram. From the site, you can see embedded Insta posts and like or comment on them. The site also lets you join them on Strava.

Social media for gym websites

The gym knows its audience very well – distance runners who would rather be running than in a spin class. The homepage prominently features current events and upcoming races with a gym-created training plan. For active members of this gym, having a training plan like this is a great way to keep members engaged.

This site and its social media presence highlights how the best website designs for gyms in 2019 need to consider where they can best engage with their audience.


What I love about this website: This site is very invested in its graphics. The top of the homepage features a video highlighting their classes.

Scrolling down the page, the images further show off their classes in grayscale photos with bold red text on top of them. As you continue through the page, you are met with excellent member testimonials. These are an awesome feature that help the gym demonstrate its value to potential members.

Any gym website can say “We will get you results and you will lose 30 pounds,” but the member testimonials give you the perspective of an actual member of what their workout is like. The photos here are also great-quality.


What I love about this website: This design emulates more of a lifestyle blog than a gym. It has a homepage with a layout that flows from section to section, with bright, popping accent colors. As you scroll down, you get information on the types of classes as well as nutrition.

One unique feature is that modelFIT has an online app that allows you to stream classes from anywhere.

The website also features online class booking. It uses mindbody for the class registration, an app that features very prominently among these 10 best gym website designs.


What I love about this website: This site is beautiful. The site is dynamic and it stands out. At the top of the homepage, there’s a video hero that triggers when you start to scroll. The video is great quality. The site has a parallax design.

This site, with its images, graphics, photos, videos, and very unique layout sets it apart from every other gym website we’ve come across. Going to different parts of the website is an interactive experience, with animations and transitions between sections and pages.

Wrapping Up The 10 Best Website Designs for Gyms and Fitness (2019)

We hope you enjoyed this collection of the 10 best website designs for gyms and fitness, and that it provides the inspiration you need to create your next website. By the way, we’re Offsprout, and we’ve created a page builder to help streamline website design for website designers like you. Give it a try for free today for 14-days.

Also, if you have other pages you think we should add to our list, please leave a comment below! We’d love to hear from you 🙂

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