What Should You Write in an Outreach Email to Build Links?

Our link-building outreach email templates will show you exactly what to say to your email recipients when doing  outreach to get the best chance of them linking to your blog post or content.

Email templates for link-building outreach emails - image showing a Google Doc with text for email contents

Here’s What You’ll Get

Proven successful email templates useful for link-building outreach emails

Templates for Link Roundups, Skyscraper Technique, Mentions, and Related Content

A Copy-and-Paste file format so you can easily bring the templates into your email client

A template that you can use in Google Docs or export into Word

Merge fields so you can effortlessly drop in information relevant to your intended recipients

Time saved not having to figure out what you need to say in your emails

Download the Link-Building Outreach Email Templates

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