5 Top Reason To Use Video Marketing To Grow Your Ecommerce Business

August 3rd


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As we move further into the age of digitalization, new and improved digital-based marketing strategies overshadow traditional forms of marketing. Gone are the days when a print ad on a newspaper or a huge billboard could fetch you tons of customers. Brands are always on the move trying to find ways of marketing that cost less and provide more impact.One such area where brands have found success in doing so is Video Marketing.With the kind of influence and power the different forms of visual media possess and easily accessible video makers, it does not come as a shock that brands have been able to use these media platforms to their advantage.Video Ads are a major part of Content Marketing Strategy that is now prevalent in almost all brands’ Marketing plans these days. If you aren’t marketing your business through visually appealing and effective video ads, especially if it’s in the E-commerce sector, you’re missing out. According to reports, 87% of businesses already use Videos as a marketing tool. 94% of customers have admitted to watching videos to understand products better, while 88% say they were convinced to buy a product or service after watching a brand’s video. If these shocking numbers aren’t enough to convince you, let us look at the top five reasons video marketing is the best tool to grow your ecommerce business.

Top 5 Reasons To Use Video Marketing to Grow Your E-Commerce Business 

Videos Increase Attraction 

Videos are a fantastic way to enhance user experience. The attention span of an average human can be as low as 8 seconds as of 2022. So it has become increasingly difficult to pique a customer’s interest just by creative pictures or flashy billboards.The chances that a viewer stops scrolling and actually looks at a piece of content increase five times when the content is in video form. Adding a video about your product or service to your landing page can work wonders for your website. Users are more likely to stop and spend more time browsing around your website if there are informational videos that clearly display the different features and qualities that your products or services possess.

Video Marketing Shows Great ROI

One thing that’s great about videos is that they don’t always have to be aesthetically pleasing or of high production value to make an impact.Consumers value the information that you share in the videos. It’s always nice to have cool editing and visuals all over your video, but if the information in the video does not answer the customer’s questions, then they will be left dissatisfied. Basically, the content with proper editing holds more weight than the production value.Therefore it is always advisable to create best videos providing in depth and correct information about the product and editing them just the right way. We recommend the use of some great tools that can help you edit your video content online by using an online video editor in a very professional way and make a lasting impression on your potential customers. These tools can be used even by novices and inexperienced marketers to create a decent-looking video explaining all the relevant points about their product/service. You’ll be surprised what one person with a smartphone could come up with once they get the hang of these easy-to-use apps.

Videos Facilitate Engagement

While most traditional marketing methods are one-sided, content marketing engages the audience more powerfully. With video marketing, consumers can become a part of the marketing campaign.Videos can be shared and consumed easily through various social media channels. This is a great and effective way to increase visibility and reach. People would much rather watch an engaging video about a product and its features in today’s world rather than read long product descriptions on posters and creatives. Through videos, the customers can see the product in action.Humans are visual learners, and things that people see with their own eyes tend to stick with them for much longer and make a lasting impression.

Videos Create Trust

Content Marketing works well because of the long-term relationships that are fostered with the consumers. In order to do that, brands must ignite certain emotions within the consumer.When consumers form an emotional connection with the brand, they’re much more likely to stay loyal and could eventually become brand ambassadors. Word of mouth goes a long way in the current environment. It is absolutely crucial to have an element of trust to succeed because trust is what will later convert to sales.Videos are a great way to induce an emotional relationship with consumers. Depending on your industry, a video ad that articulately represents your brand values can go a long way in creating a loyal community. People tend to engage with videos that are entertaining, humorous, nostalgic or videos with a strong social message.Basically, videos that leave a mark in their mind. Apart from that, promotional videos help to clear up any hesitation consumers may have about a certain product due to fear of fraud or fake products.Another great way to create trust is by marketing through social media influencers. Just like how big brands use actors and famous athletes to create a feeling of reliability, brands can easily reach out to influencers on Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, or even LinkedIn.People trust the word of the influencers they follow and running a video ad campaign with your consumer’s favorite influencer in the center will definitely lead to more sales. 

Videos are SEO friendly

A common joke in the online marketing environment is that if you’re ever in a situation where you’re trying to hide a corpse, you should go for the second page of a google search. People rarely move past the first page of a google search.So if you want to increase engagement and website traffic, and you do not have the budget for paid search advertising, it is absolutely imperative to optimize the content of your webpage to Google’s liking. Search Engine Optimization is the process where you design and create content in a way that it shows up on the first page of a google search. While there are many ways in which one can do that, Videos are one of the top methods to perform well in browser searches.You’re 53 times more likely to show up in a google search if your webpage has videos embedded in it. With Youtube now owned by Google, you can use your Youtube video ads to help your website become more SEO friendly to increase traffic.Writing relevant titles in the bio, adding links that go back to your webpage, etc., can help you grow page visits in an organic manner, and more page visits lead to higher interaction leading to more sales.


So there you have it. The reasons mentioned above are clear indicators of why E-commerce brands should definitely invest time and effort into video marketing.As mentioned before, you do not need a production team of camera persons, editors, designers, etc. All you really need is a sound idea and a smartphone camera.You can easily shoot and edit a video ad and kick-start your video advertising campaign using a good video maker available online. With features like ready-to-use templates, backgrounds, pictures, design tools, and many more cool features, creating aesthetic videos and creative videos has never been easier!
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