RightMessage Review: Website Personalization App (2019)

June 17th


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RightMessage is a lead generation app with a unique twist to it – it personalizes the calls-to-action for each visitor.

The pitch of RightMessage is essentially, “Stop telling your existing subscribers to subscribe to your blog or download content they’ve already downloaded. Instead, tailor your CTAs and content to your visitors.”

RightMessage also syncs with your email marketing software so your website visitors only see relevant CTAs and offers based on their subscriber history, status, and on-site behaviors that you choose.

The concept sounded really interesting, and something that a lot of businesses could use for their website, so we wanted to give it a thorough review.

In this article, we’re doing a complete RightMessage review, looking at everything from the features to the pricing and support, so you can decide it RightMessage is the right choice for you (sorry, had to do it).

Enough of this intro. Let’s get into it.

RightMessage Review: Features

With RightMessage, you build CTA funnels to put on your website. The funnel-builder looks like a tree-style if/then editor like you’d find in Active Campaign or Hubspot (Related: The Best CRMs for Web Designers and Agencies). With the builder, you can basically create a choose-your-own-adventure scenario in CTA fashion.

You can create a CTA that poses a question to the visitor, and based on their response or responses to a series of questions, they get taken to a destination URL or are asked to provide their email address to join an email list segment.

Next up in this RightMessage review, we are going to go through all the aspects of creating CTAs – from the interface to the CTAs to widgets, offers, and reporting.

Easy to Use Interface

First, some praise for the interface. The interface is RightMessage is super-easy to work with. Across all the different components of creating your perfect CTA funnel and offer for your visitors, it is relatively effortless to configure and tweak.

Everything from the CTA builder to the widget creator to the offer screens are easy.

You don’t need much guidance to get going. There is barely a learning curve because everything seems so intuitive.

CTA Builder

RightMessage CTA Builder

The CTA builder helps ensure that your visitors only get relevant content and offers. For example, you don’t want your subscribers receiving  messages to join your email list if they’re already on it. That’s an easy one. With the CTA builder hooking into your email marketing software, you can ensure that does not happen. You can also make sure that if someone is on your list already, they get more tailored offers that are more middle to bottom-of-funnel.

The power you have with the CTA builder is pretty broad. For example, you could have a lengthy series of questions and then deliver a specific response. You could effectively make your CTA a chatbot if you wanted to, with customized responses based on their answers.

RightMessage CTA decision trees

The builder is very easy to use and intuitive, with a visual representation allowing you to see your visitor’s journey based on their answers to questions, their tags and statuses, and different parameters you set.

In doing this RightMessage review, seeing the options you chould choose from with the CTA gave some good ideas for potential campaigns.

After tinkering for a bit and building and testing a few CTAs, I have a recommendation if you decide to give RightMessage a try:

Never have a CTA without some type of filter by subscriber status. Ever.

You should never have a CTA that targets everybody regardless of their subscriber/non-subscriber status. This is because, even if you want to send the same message to everyone, their journeys after that initial prompt will be different. You will not need to collect an email address again from an existing subscriber.

So, for example, if you want to have a multiple choice question to get more information from your visitors, you may want to just add tags for an existing subscriber’s profile, and get the non-subscriber to join your list to begin with.


With RightMessage, you have two widget CTA styles to choose from: a floating bar or a slide-in. It’s not a ton of options to choose from compared to other opt-in plugins like OptinMonster (Related: OptinMonster Review) that has CTA types like pop-ups, fullscreen, or sidebars. But, these two widget types cover the basics.

In the widget creator menu, you get to choose your widget colors so you can match your website’s color scheme.

RightMessage form styling

Beyond color scheme, you can also customize the triggers. You can choose to make the widget load on page load, or after scrolling a certain amount of time. In addition to all that, you can also specifically include or exclude specific pages on your website for the CTA to trigger.

RightMessage CTA screen

This is especially useful if you only want relevant CTAs to show up on certain webpages.

If you look at the example below, I have customized this widget to only show this CTA about bears on blog posts that are about bears.

RightMessage form trigger

I know it’s silly, but you get the idea here. (We wanted to make sure our RightMessage review was very thorough, so we had a little fun when making our CTAs and offers to keep it interesting)

Aside from including certain pages, you can also exclude. So, if you don’t want an offer to show up on your homepage or contact page, you can configure that as well.


RightMessage Offers

The last piece of the RightMessage puzzle is Offers.

So far, we have the CTA funnel to filter visitors. We have the pop-up widget to ask a question. Now we need the offer to present the visitor.

Offers are going to be your visitors’ last stop in your CTA funnel – what will your visitors get? Will they go to a relevant landing page for their interests on your website? Or, will they get an ebook in exchange for their email address?

Your two main options for Offers are to: A) get the visitor onto your mailing list by providing their email address, or B) take them to a destination URL.

Option A, the subscription option, asks for the visitor’s email address (if they are anonymous), and lets you add a tag to the subscriber in your marketing automation software. This is useful if you have any automations set up based on tags (like lead magnet funnels), or if you would like to have more data on where your new subscriber came from.

One drawback here is that within RightMessage you do not get the option to ask your subscriber for more information at this point, like their name or phone number.

Option B, the destination URL option, is useful if you are trying to provide helpful information for your visitor and you don’t need their email address. We discussed before the idea that you could use your CTA funnel like a chatbot. Here’s how you can do it. If your visitor fills out answers in your question tree and gets down a path, you can take them to a URL that has the answer they may be looking for.

Otherwise, the Offers section is pretty straightforward in how you configure it.

Email Integration

RightMessage email integration options

RightMessage works directly with your email marketing / marketing automation software to deliver targeted CTAs to your visitors. Or, if these visitors are not yet subscribers, RightMessage gets them onto your list and tags them with the tags you set.

Once you create your RightMessage account, you will be prompted to set up your two-way email marketing integration between RightMessage and your email marketing software. Once that is complete, you will have the ability to push and pull information between the two platforms.

One example of how you can use the two-way email integration – you can create CTAs based on subscribers’ tags or custom fields in your email marketing software.

RightMessage email tags

RightMessage has a select number of integrations with email marketing / marketing automation platforms though. As of June 2019, here is the current list of RightMessage integration partners:

You’ll probably notice that from this list of integration partners, RightMessage is clearly geared towards more full-featured marketing automation platforms rather than the entry-level email marketing platforms like Mailchimp or Constant Contact.

So, if you are not using one of these above-listed marketing automation platforms, RightMessage is not going to be an option for you.


RightMessage reporting dashboard

On the main dashboard for RightMessage, you get a breakdown of your visitors’ answers to your questions, your total conversions, and conversion rates.

The more data you get from your visitors, the better it can help you tailor your website to these visitors in the future.

RightMessage Review: Pricing

RightMessage CTA pricing
RightMessage website personalization pricing

So what does RightMessage cost?

No RightMessage review would be complete if we didn’t mention pricing.

RightMessage has two main pricing tiers: one for the CTA features and one for the website personalization component.

The CTA plan starts at $29 per month and scales based on how many visitors your website gets per month. $29 / month gets you up to 2,000 unique visitors per month. Here are the first few pricing tiers (they scale up to 1,000,000 uniques / month at $669 per month:

Visitors per month

Price per month

Up to 2,000












We didn’t get into the website personalization component in this RightMessage review, but here’s a brief rundown:

The website personalization aspect lets you make your website content dynamic. It lets you change the text on your website based on your visitors. This lets you tailor your website messaging, just like you might want to tailor your CTAs to your visitors. Same concept.

The website personalization features are much more expensive than the CTA features.

The personalize plan starts at $400 per month. It includes everything in the CTA plan plus:

  • Personalizing the content on your website to your visitors
  • A/B testing content
  • Personalized content from your email marketing database on your website
  • Javascript bridge
  • 1-on-1 onboarding
  • Dedicated account manager

RightMessage Review: Support

RightMessage support

If you need any support, RightMessage has email ticket support.

You can also go the self-help route by checking out their knowledge base that comes with around 125 articles (as of June 2019).

RightMessage Review: Pros and Cons

Now for the pros and cons.

RightMessage is not the only app out there that has opt-in forms; there are tons of them. But, it is probably the most sophisticated in terms of call-to-action funnels that we have ever come across.


  • Comprehensive call-to-action funnel creator
  • Easy to use interface
  • Customizable opt-in forms
  • Full integrations with popular marketing automation platforms


  • Only get to ask new opt-ins for their email rather than fields like name and phone number
  • Limited opt-in form types
  • Only a few marketing automation platform integrations to work with


Overall, RightMessage is a great tool to have in your arsenal to better connect with your visitors by tailoring your content to their preferences.

We had a lot of fun doing this RightMessage review, seeing the different kinds of customized CTAs we could make tailored to our website visitors. I think you’ll find it could be an extremely helpful tool in your inbound marketing toolbox.

If you have used RightMessage or any of its competitors, let us know what you think in the comments below.

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