Offsprout New Feature: SVG Library

June 24th


Offsprout is the only WordPress website builder for freelancers and agencies.

We have some exciting new Offsprout features to share!

Offsprout has just released version 2.13, which comes with a ton of new updates, additions, fixes, and features to add to your favorite white-label website building platform.

We would like to highlight a few of these new Offsprout features.

In one recent article, we showed off the power of Layers in Offsprout, which gives you the power to layer your content and make your pages and posts POP!

Right now, we’d like to turn your attention to one of our favorite new features for Offsprout: the SVG library.

Recently, Offsprout upped its image library drastically, thanks to an integration with Unsplash. That integration gave you access to over 800,000 free stock images to use however you wanted on your Offsprout-powered websites.

Now, Offsprout has taken things a step further.

We’ve just added a brand new stock image library of SVG vector-based illustration images, thanks to an integration between Offsprout and Undraw.

SVG image library in Offsprout white label website builder showing different illustrations you can use thanks to an integration between Undraw and Offsprout

With this image library you can build beautiful websites more quickly and easily, without having to scour the internet for images and website content.

The SVG library has tons of scalable vector illustrations you can use throughout your sites, including everything from abstract illustrations like blobs, to animated scenes, and patterns.

Use the SVG blobs and patterns with the new Layers feature to unlock a new world of creativity!

Unleash your creativity with a massive library of vector illustrations, with customizable color schemes and scalable sizes.

If you haven’t yet, be sure to update your Offsprout version to 2.13 to take advantage of the new Offsprout SVG library and the rest of the amazing new features!

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